Mr. Marko Marovic led the unique AIBA ITO Course in Dubai

Following the AIBA 3-star Coaches Course and the AIBA 3-star Referee & Judge Course, another education program was scheduled at the ASBC Asian Men’s & Women’s Elite Boxing Championships in Dubai. The next generation of International Technical Officials attended the ITO Course during the competition.

AIBA hosted its last ITO Course more than two years ago, therefore, re-launching the new educational program is a fantastic effort from the International Boxing Association. The venue of the ITO Course was the Le Meridien Conference Hotel in Dubai which makes the project more unique.

AIBA re-launched the educational programs in order to develop the skills and knowledge of all officials to host high-level championships in the future. Transparency, fair play and high standards are the keys to future successes at the upcoming editions of the AIBA World Boxing Championships.

Mr. Marko Marovic was the Instructor of the ITO Course. He worked as Technical Delegate and Deputy Supervisor in many international championships and tournaments in recent years, therefore, he is one of the most experienced Instructors of AIBA.

Eighteen applicants joined the ITO Course, they arrived from four different Confederations; the Asians, the Africans, the Americans and the Europeans were represented at the course.

Mr. Marko Marovic was arranging for the applicants both the theoretical and practical parts of the ITO Course and introducing also his experience from previous championships. The ITO Course covers all areas of the technical rules, competition protocols, organizational matters, practical information and a lot of other competition-related business.

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