Q & A with AIBA’s Hamburg 2017 World Championship Official Supplier Sportcom

AIBA has welcomed SportCom as the Official Supplier of the 2017 World Championships in Hamburg, bringing in their expertise in developing first-class boxing rings and equipment to help create the best possible stage for the world’s top boxer to perform on. The SportCom CEO Mr Jean-Rene Savary explained what it means to the company to be involved in the biggest competition in the boxing calendar.

How far back does SportCom’s involvement with boxing go?
Since 2003, SportCom has been the specialist in boxing rings, punching bags rails and brackets, cross-training stations and floor solutions, providing all services to its customers – from the pre-sales consulting and design to the installation – including London 2012 Summer Olympics and the Milan 2009 World Championships.

Why was it important for SportCom to associate with AIBA and these World Championships?
Our participation at the 2017 World Championships is part of the SportCom international development strategy, and the team’s wish to move forward and to accomplish new goals. The AIBA license reflects the quality of our boxing rings, 100% Made in France, but also SportCom’s reliability and efficiency as a technical partner. We are very proud to be a part of this Hamburg adventure.

What innovations will we see being used in your equipment in Hamburg?
Foldable SportCom boxing rings are being used in the training area to help the competitors’ preparations. These are internationally patented boxing rings and one of our flagship products, their foldability allows users to turn any area into a boxing venue in less than a minute.

What are the values and qualities that are important to SportCom that the boxing world can relate to and that relate directly to boxing?
There are five: respect, audacity, perseverance, strength and a thirst for a challenge.

How does SportCom view the current golden age for boxing and the new generation of Olympic greats?
SportCom is very happy to evolve in the current boxing golden age. This is a great opportunity for us to respond to the increasing customer needs but also to develop innovative and high-value products and disrupt the boxing equipment industry. Sportcom shares the Olympic philosophy of altruism and sharing, taking joy in the effort and the education.

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