No. 1 Concepcion lost at home, Rubi beat Granollers in Primera Division, Spanish championship


All teams were played on the 24th of March in the spanish league. The 19th round’s biggest surprise was the league leader Concepcion’s defeat by the eleventh place standing Dos Hermanas. The favorable No. 1 Concepcion played tie against Sevilla in the last round, accordingly they needed a win to make sure their position.The game started tensful, despite of the expectations the home team couldn’t get the control in the first, and the second quarter despite of they get the lead two times. In the second half the visitors presented a very agressive offensive play, and get the control of the game. After the 4-4 halftime result they has won the third period as 6-2, which seemed decisive for the last quarter. Concepcion hasn’t got any remedy in the remaining time, by the way they also lost the last quarter by two goals, and get the fourth loss in the season.

The No. 2 Rubi visited the Team Granollers for another win, and catching up with Concepcion. The match was very sharpful from the start till the end, but Rubi has owned better the last minutes, and got the 13th win in the season by 2 goals, and stands the same result as the league leader Concepcion.



Results from the 19th round (24/03)

(7.) Saint Feliu – (9.) Malaga 6-5

(8.) Granollers – (2.) Rubi 12-14

(12.) Tres Cantos – (4.) Montjuic 7-15

(1.) Concepcion – (11.) Dos Hermanas 8-14

(3.) La Latina – (6.) Horta 8-7

(10.) Caballa – (5.) Sevilla 11-5



1, Concepcion 13-2-4

2, Rubi 13-2-4

3, La Latina 10-3-6

4, Montjuic 10-2-7

5, Sevilla 9-3-7

6, Horta 9-2-8

7, Sant Feliu 7-8-4

8, Granollers 8-0-11

9, Malaga 7-1-11

10, Caballa 6-3-10

11, Dos Hermanas 5-3-11

12, Tres Cantos 2-1-16


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